Woodworking machines are important pieces of workshop equipment that are used to process wood items. The equipment is powered and run by electric motors. Besides the workshop, they are also applicable in timber mills and many other furniture industries. 

Basically, woodworking machines can be used for several processes like wood shaping, woodcutting, and wood carving. Most traditional woodworking machinery systems were manually operated. Thanks to modern technology, you will be able to purchase a computer-controlled woodworking machine type. 

Read this guide to understand the various types of woodworking machines to select the best option when buying

Band Saw Machine Types 

These are considered the simplest woodworking machinery. Basically, they are designed to produce perfect woodcuts with smooth curves, especially when dealing with long logs of wood. The band saw wood cutting machines come in different sizes. Hence, they can be used for a wide range of wood cutting applications. It is necessary to understand the type of wood cutting application to select the best size. 

Table Saw Machine Types 

This is one of the most crucial pieces of woodworking equipment in any functional workshop. It comprises a well-designed circular saw firmly fixed under a table-like surface with its blade pointing upwards. In addition, it also has a motor system housed at the tabletop. The motor propels the saw blade at a set speed to cut pieces of wood to your intended size and shape. 

When operating the machine, you can easily move it by raising or lowering the table saw blade to fully accommodate your wood and come up with different thicknesses. 

Mitre Saw Machine Types 

Mitre woodworking machine saws are much similar to radial arm saws. However, the difference comes with the blade and the motor system which are installed to suspend above the cutting-edge surface. During its operation, the blade is adjusted to move downwards to cut through a piece of wood to desired shape and size. 

Positioning of the blade of mitre woodworking machines can be done at different angles. This provision allows you to cut hidden corner wood pieces for angled wood joints. 

Drill Press Machinery Types

These are well known for drilling accurate holes into pieces of wood with varying thicknesses. When operating, you can control the downward movement of the bit system by using a handle. Modern system drill press machines allow you to set a specified drill limit on the handle to come up with a hole size of your choice.  

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