Laser cutting machines can cut many types of metal, including copper. Compared to other methods of copper cutting, laser cutting machines offer many advantages. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind. 

1. Precision

Laser cutting is the most precise method of copper cutting. It creates clean edges that have no jagged pieces or burrs. The smooth finish of a piece of copper cut using a laser cutting machine is unrivalled. There is no need to finish the edge through polishing, as the vaporising edge of the laser ensures that no debris is left behind. As a result, laser cutting is ideal for creating copper parts for high-precision applications.

2. Speed

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting is that it is very fast. For thin sheets of copper, a laser can cut through the metal almost instantly. The cutting time is longer for thicker sheets, but it is still quite fast when compared to other methods of cutting copper. If you need to create a rapid prototype of a device or item that includes copper, then laser cutting is the most ideal method. It can also be used to speed up production at large scales.

3. Consistency

A laser cutting machine can produce cuts that are extremely consistent. If there is little tolerance in the size or shape of your finished copper products, then laser cutting can help to reduce the number of pieces that are rejected. A computer is used to program the laser cutting machine, ensuring that it follows precisely the same cutting pattern every time. As long as the cutting program is saved, you can reload it and produce consistent parts again, even after a long break. Using a laser cutting machine is a great way of ensuring quality control for your copper products.

4. Energy Efficiency

Although a laser cutter heats copper to a very high temperature to melt the edge that needs to be cut, the heating is concentrated in such a small area that the overall energy usage of the machine is low. Other cutting methods often use much more energy during a typical cutting session. Using a laser cutting machine can help your business save energy and therefore, also money. That's great for the environment, for the green image of your business and for your overall production budget. Over time, the energy savings could pay for the purchase cost of the machine.

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