Wooden boxes are versatile for numerous applications. Although typically used in the transport industry, these wooden boxes can also come in quite handy for residential storage too. You could have them double up as furniture in your home while storing items within them. On the other hand, you could relegate them to the garage for long-term storage of items. However, if not given the proper care and maintenance, you will find that your wooden boxes will succumb to wear and tear before their time. The following are some tips that can come in handy in prolonging the life of your wooden storage boxes.

Attend to repairs as they occur

One of the first things you should do is ensure any repairs are addressed as soon as you spot them. Wooden boxes are prone to splintering. Leaving this splinters unchecked poses the risk of harm when handling the boxes as you could end up cutting yourself. Additionally, the splintering can eventually compromise the structural integrity of the wooden boxes as cracks begin to develop. When you notice that splinters have started forming on your wooden boxes, sand them down as to regain the former smoothness of the box. If there are dings on your wooden boxes, use some wood putty to fill them up. This will cover up these dents, hence retaining the structure of the wooden boxes. Attending to repairs as soon as they occur increases the chances of your wooden boxes having a longer life span.

Put a protective trim on your wooden boxes

Another way that you can prolong the lifespan of your wooden boxes is by incorporating a protective trim. This trim is typically made from rubber. It is applied along the frame of the wooden boxes as well as the inner lid of the boxes. The rubber acts as shock absorbing layer when the boxes are closed shut. The trim on the sides of the boxes functions to protect the frame from any undue damage when the boxes are being handled and end up falling on their side.

Put casters on your wooden boxes

If you move your wooden boxes on a regular basis, then it would be best to have casters installed on them. These casters not only aid in the easier movement of the boxes, but they also prevent the risk of damaging your wooden boxes by dragging them across the floor. Casters also raise your boxes when they are in storage, which reduces the risk of the boxes coming into contact with moisture from the floor.