Mezzanines are elevated platforms specifically designed to help you optimize the vertical space in your warehouse or another facility. It is located in between the ceiling and floor and may be freestanding on columns or it may be attached to the wall. In most cases, it will only cover part of the open space, rather than the entire area. Mezzanines are made from structural or roll formed steel and there are quite a few options for the floor. There are quite a few advantages offered by using mezzanines in a warehouse setting.

Extra Storage Space 

The primary benefit of mezzanines is the additional storage space they provide. Since they are located in the air, you are still able to use the space under them, but still have all the additional room provided by the mezzanine decking. If you have noticed your warehouse is short on space, and you have high ceilings, it may be more cost effective and easier to add a mezzanine, rather than moving to an entirely new building or adding on to your existing one. Storage units and shelving can be installed on the mezzanine thus allowing you to take advantage of all the space that was previously unused.

Customization Options

The mezzanine is also able to be customized for your particular warehouse space. It is also fairly easy to install and can be added to down the road. They are able to be designed around existing equipment and machinery, allowing you to make your space as efficient as possible. Pallet drop zones, lift gates and stairs can be added to the structure; however, this will all depend on how the mezzanine is being used.

Important Considerations

There are just a few things you should know prior to looking into building materials used for mezzanines. First of all, think about how you will use the space. What is going to be stored on it? You will also have to let your designer know about the type of equipment you plan to use. This is all necessary to ensure the mezzanine is safe and that it has the proper load rating.

It is important to note that mezzanines are not just used in industrial settings and warehouses. They can also be designed to work in gyms, sporting facilities, restaurants, retail shops and more. Think about your space and the many benefits you would reap from installing a mezzanine.