Don't throw out those timber crates you get with shipments to your home or your business, and don't hastily drive by crates that you see a business throwing away either. Those crates can be used for some great home projects, if you take a few minutes to dress them up and repurpose them just a bit. Note a few simple ways to reuse or repurpose timber crates in order to create home projects you'll love.

1. Create a display backdrop

A good way to display your knickknacks is to put shelf lining paper, scrapbook paper or even a bit of wallpaper on the floor of the timber crate. Then, hang the crate on the wall so that the paper becomes a solid backdrop. Choose paper that coordinates with your knickknacks, such as something in a soft pink if you want to display your collection of teacups with hand painted roses on them, or dark paper that will allow silver picture frames or other such items to really stand out.

2. Choose a bold color

You may like the look of rustic, unfinished wood, or you may like bold colors. Opting for a bold paint color can really make timber crates stand out and provide a room with a great pop of color. For example, you might paint crates a sunny yellow or an apple green shade. Then attach these to the wall of your kitchen or dining area and add some white knickknacks, dishes or other utensils. The contrast of the white pieces with a bold color on the crates makes them a piece of art and more than just functional storage.

3. Add a cushion

A timber crate is very durable so it's a good choice for storing shoes and boots by the front door. You can turn it into a place to sit while changing shoes by adding a cushion; put the crate on its side so you slide shoes in sideways. Then, you can buy a cushion to put on the crate or quickly make one with plywood, foam and fabric. Cut the plywood to fit the crate and cut the foam to fit the plywood; use hot glue to glue the foam into place. Stretch the fabric over the foam and use a staple gun to attach it to the back. You now have a simple shoe changing station for your home's entryway, a kid's room and the like.