The air conditioner does a crucial duty of lowering the temperatures in the scorching summer heat. It is therefore a very important tool in the home. However, the AC is useless without the ductwork. The ductwork is what makes up the veins and arteries of the AC, so keeping it functioning effectively is a no brainer. Poor duct maintenance will cost you a lot of energy and considerably reduce the effectiveness of your AC. To prevent that, here are some of the best tips to ensure that your ductwork saves you energy.

Constantly evaluate your duct system

You first have to check for any problems with your duct system. Simply visually inspecting it can identify a lot of issues that may need fixing. Follow your ductwork all along and try to identify any disconnects. Focus more on the joints between the trunk ducts (main supply and return ducts) and runouts.

You also need to be wary of any leaking along the ducts and joints. Have a professional perform a duct leakage test. It'll assist you in knowing how serious the leakage is and what part of the ductwork is causing it leaks.

Go for a better design

One major factor that affects the energy efficiency of ducts is the design. Go for round ducts as opposed to rectangular ones. These ducts have less air resistance and use up little material. Round ducts are also less likely to develop air leakages, since the number of joints is kept to a minimum. This boosts the energy efficiency, because the AC works as there is no leakage or air resistance.


Another effective way to boost the efficiency of your ducts is to insulate them. This is particularly important if you've got ductwork outside the area being conditioned like in the attic. Failure to do so would allow the summer heat to accumulate in the attic and reduce their effectiveness. Fiberglass is perhaps one of the best thermal insulation there is. Aim for one with an R-value of R6 or higher if you live in the cold regions.

Thoroughly clean the ductwork

Cleaning the ductwork not only assists in keeping the air your breath clean, but it also improves airflow. If you've done a home renovation, construction debris or dust may have gotten in the ducts. Rodents or pets may also deposit droppings and other germs that reduce your indoor air quality. Such dirt may be blown back to the air conditioning system and hamper it's functioning. Call a professional to clean the ducts for you for a more efficient system.