Electric cars are gaining popularity, as they are environmentally friendly, silent, and use cheap fuel. An electric car is a long term investment that you can drive for many years to come. However, in order to keep your electric car in the best possible condition to make it last for as long as it can, you need to make sure it gets the maintenance it requires. The most important part of the car is the motor, and in order to perform simpler electric motor repairs and maintenance, there are a few things you should think about.


Moisture is your electric motor's greatest enemy, as it can completely wreck your motor by causing it to rust or get electrical errors without you even noticing. Condensation can build up in your motor when you've been on long drives as the motor gets warm and then cools off. To prevent this, you should apply grease with rust preventive qualities to all the parts of your motor regularly. You could also open the hood to your car and let it stay open for a while after you've been out on long drives to air the motor out and prevent condensation from forming. Examine your motor regularly for moisture and rust.


Vibrations can cause the grease to wear off your motor, meaning you might have to perform large scale electric motor repairs in order to fix the wear caused by the vibrations. Make sure to keep your tyres well inflated and tighten all the screws surrounding the motor to avoid excessive vibrations. You should also be careful when you need to use tools on your motor or interior of your car, as these vibrations also can affect your motor negatively. Examine the lubrication on your motor regularly to make sure it's enough and that no parts have started to wear on each other.


You also need to examine the cables in your electric car regularly. Electric cables are important in all types of cars, but in your case, issues with the electrical cables can mean that there something wrong with the essential running component in your car. Look for wear and breakage on all cables. If you find any cables that are broken or where the protective plastic has been penetrated, you need to change them immediately. They might become safety hazards and cause your car to break down. Make sure that your car is completely shut off when you're examining the cables to avoid the risk of getting electric shocks as you touch them. 

If you have extensive maintenance issues, take your car to an electric motor repairs shop.