Mini duct air conditioning systems are known for their high speed in transmitting air. They function similarly with other air conditioning systems such as the central air conditioners. This means that they absorb the hot and humid indoor air, take it to the condenser for compression and cooling and later distribute it to different rooms in the house. The system comprises ductwork that runs throughout the house, evaporators, refrigerants and a condenser (compressor). If you are looking for a system that will provide thermal comfort efficiently, then a mini-duct system is a good choice. The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy by installing this system:

The Ductwork Fits in Tight Spaces

The mini duct system uses smaller tubing compared to the ductwork used in other air conditioning systems. The small tubing is easy to set up even in tight spaces without constrictions, ensuring that air flows through the ductwork quickly and is unobstructed. Furthermore, the smooth airflow in tight spaces makes the mini duct system energy efficient because less power is needed to move the air around bends and obstructions. In brief, the small tubing does not constrict as much as the large ductwork used in other air conditioning systems. It is thus more efficient in transmitting air.

The System is Multipurpose

The mini-duct system is not limited to cooling alone. You can also use the system to keep the house warm during the cold season. You need a source of heat that will be connected to the ductwork. The heat source should be able to warm a large volume of air and push it into the air conditioning ductwork. If you intend to use the system for heating purposes, you can buy gas-fired boilers, electric furnaces or reverse-cycle heat pumps for heating.

Cheap Installation

The cost of setting up the ductwork for the mini duct system is cheaper compared to other air conditioning systems. The small tubes can be snaked through the gaps in uninsulated walls, behind furniture, small vents and ceiling openings to reach the specific points that you would like to ventilate. This reduces the installation costs you would have incurred to drill holes through your walls or ceiling to create space for larger ductwork.

Quiet Delivery of Cool Air or Warm Air

With the mini-duct system, the air conditioning is done quietly when cooling or heating the room. This is because of the sound attenuators fitted inside the ductwork. The attenuators reduce the noise caused by the fast moving air, making the mini duct system ideal for places such as study libraries and bedrooms.

For more information about mini duct systems or other air conditioning or radiator services, contact HVAC professionals in your area.