If you are replacing your windows, double glazed windows are an option you should consider. These types of windows usually have a cavity between two glass panes. What's inside this air cavity usually makes a difference to the performance of the window. For standard double glazed windows, natural air is used. However, for more effective results, nitrogen or argon can be used. Therefore, if you are looking for double glazed windows, here are reasons why you should consider those that are filled with argon.

Improved Thermal Insulation

Argon is denser than natural air or oxygen. Therefore, double-glazed windows with argon between the glass panes have a higher thermal insulation capacity. With the high density of argon, your double-glazed windows can prevent leakage of heat much more easily than standard double glazed windows. When combined with a low-emissivity glass coating, your argon-gas-filled double glazed windows can bring their temperature closer to the room temperature.

This is important because the process involved can eliminate any drafts or air currents that usually occur when different temperatures, such as indoor and outdoor temperatures meet at the window. Drafts and air currents are usually the cause of poor heat insulation properties, which can have a negative impact on your energy bills.

Better Prevention of Condensation

Condensation and frosting can sometimes occur on your windows when it's warm inside and cold outside. This can destroy your windows and may leak cold air into your home during winter, which means your heater may have to work harder to balance out the temperature differences, leading to increasing energy bills.

Argon will hold onto heat much longer than natural air or oxygen, which makes argon-gas-filled double glazed windows less prone to condensation and frost.

Improved Sound Insulation

One of the major benefits of double glazed windows is that they have the ability to reduce noise as it passes through the air cavity. This sound-insulation property is even higher if argon is used in the cavity. Because of its high density, argon has a superior sound dampening capacity, which means that you won't have to be worried about loud noises intruding into your home. This is essential if you live by a freeway or railway tracks.

Double glazed windows are a great investment, and argon-gas-filled windows will even give you more value for your money. Therefore, consider these three advantages the next time you go shopping for double glazed windows.