A bladder pressure tank is a very common type of water tank for residential purposes that many people have in their homes. It's an important piece of equipment that, if it malfunctions, can cause a lot of trouble with the water supply in your home. One type of malfunction that tends to happen to these types of tanks is that the tank doesn't fill up properly even if the pump is running. In order to troubleshoot this issue, you need to be aware of the potential causes for it. 

Water logging

Water logging occurs when the bladder pressure tank has too much water in it. If the tank is too full, it can't be filled more. This also means that there's not enough air to pressurise the water so that it reaches the pump, which means you will get less or no water into the pipes in your home. The pump will be pumping without any water in its system, which can cause it to go dry. Water pumps that have gone dry will overheat if left for too long, which means you'll have to replace the pump, which can become quite expensive. If you notice that your tank has become water logged you should let water out of the tank and keep an eye on it for a while to see if there's a permanent problem causing the tank to become water logged that you'll need to have repaired.

Pump pressure

You should also examine the pump itself to make sure it builds enough pressure. Tank pumps that aren't building enough pressure won't be able to push water into the tank and leave it empty even if it seems to be working. If this is your problem, you should examine the inside of your pump to make sure no dirt or debris has gotten stuck in it, as this can cause the pressure in the pump to drop. You should also examine it for rust.


Another reason to why the tank is unable to fill up is that the bladder has detached and is blocking the inlet from the pump. This is a serious problem, as this can cause your water pump to overheat when it's struggling to pump water into the tank. Water pumps in these situations are also in the danger zone of becoming flooded, as the water supplied to them has nowhere to go. Fix this problem by removing the bladder from the inlet and have it reattached properly. 

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