Having a garden is just one of the many ways to beautify your home and make it appealing. However, a beautiful evergreen garden requires tending and care to keep it looking neat all the time. You need to keep the grass, flowers, and trees healthy by looking out for the garden soil where the plants are growing. An effective way to do this is by using wood chips as mulch for the garden in your home. Mulch provides the much needed cover on exposed soil in your garden, giving it a neat appearance. Here are some reasons why wood chips offer good mulch for your garden:

Wood Chips Are Eco-friendly

When choosing material to use as mulch for your garden, you need something that will not interfere with the natural conditions of the soil. This is where wood chips come in handy given their organic nature. They are made by slicing huge chunks of wood into small pieces, and no chemical modification is made to the small pieces of wood. Therefore, wood chips do not exude poisonous gases or waste that can cause soil pollution in the garden. In brief, wood chips enable you to carry out eco-friendly agriculture in your home's garden.

Wood Mulch Is Bio-degradable

Wood chips are biodegradable. This means that they rot and break down after a certain period. The decomposition helps to add nutrients to the soil and improves the soil structure. Your plants will benefit from the nutrients provided by the decomposing wood chips, and you will spend less money and time to buy and apply fertilisers. However, you should be prepared to replace the wood chips periodically as the mulch rots.

Water Can Still Reach the Soil Layers

One of the problems you might encounter when using other types of mulch in your garden is that they inhibit enough water from reaching the soil. However, this is not the case when you use wood chips. The irregular size and shapes of the pieces of wood ensure that there are gaps in between the pieces. Therefore, rainwater and water from sprinklers can easily find its way to the soil layers where plants can absorb it.

You Can Deal With Termites

With wood chips, especially those made from hardwood, you can easily deal with termites that are notorious for destroying most garden mulches. Wood chips dry out quite fast and create an environment that is not suitable for termites to build their nests.   

Keep these tips in mind next time you're looking for wood chips for sale for your garden.