There are so many types of cranes sold on the market today, and each is designed to meet the unique requirements of different load-lifting applications. One of the most sought after cranes in today's construction industry are truck-mounted cranes, and there are plenty of good reasons behind this. Here are just but a few crucial benefits that truck-mounted cranes can bring to the table when used for construction purposes.

No transportation hassle

Cranes have to be moved from one job site to another using specialised transport because movement of these heavy equipment presents potential safety hazards to road users and those working around the site. At times, trailer loading ramps can get snapped due to excessive weight and that makes the job of loading or unloading cranes even more complex. But all these issues can be easily avoided by using truck-mounted cranes.

Unlike cranes that have to be carefully loaded onto trailers and tied down, mobile cranes do not have to be assembled and disassembled every time they have to be used or transported. As part of their design, truck-mounted cranes generally do not require any extra transportation, as the cranes are essentially attached to a hauling truck, making it extremely time-saving and convenient to move the equipment wherever they are needed.

Conformity to road access laws and regulations

Construction companies these days expect more work capacity and lighter travel weight from their cranes. By opting for materials with higher structural strength, truck crane manufacturers can now utilise thinner materials and reduce the total weight of the trucks.

As a result, a good number of truck cranes available today actually conform to size and weight restrictions in most local areas and are therefore allowed to access highways en-route to various construction work sites.


Due to technological advances, computer systems and wireless telecommunication technologies used to facilitate efficient operation of truck-mounted cranes can be seamlessly integrated. This provides a construction contractor with real time data, which helps calculate the crane's maintenance and service requirements more accurately.

Because of the telematics applied, crane maintenance can be done in good time, effectively eliminating any guesswork that may lead to performing it more or less frequently than actually necessary. When you are able to provide maintenance service that is specific to a truck-mounted crane's needs, you boost chances that it will serve you reliably for longer.

Truck-mounted cranes are an ideal option for all construction contractors that want to save both time and money while ensuring reliable equipment service (click for more information).