If you are working on a home remodeling project, you might be in need of scaffolding. This is often used when you are working on the side of your home, whether you are washing windows on the second or third floor of your house or making repairs on the siding. Here are some tips for renting the scaffolding.

Take Measurements

The first thing you need to do is take measurements in the area where you will need scaffolding. There are many different sizes and styles of scaffolding you can hire, varying based on its height and width. If you are doing work on your second floor around the back of your house, try to take the best measurements you can of approximately how high up and how far over you need that scaffolding to reach. Even if you don't get exact measurements, try your best and provide the rental company with this information. They will do their best in getting you scaffolding that is the right size.

Consider the Weight of Materials

You also need to be sure the scaffolding you get can handle the weight of materials you intend to use. This makes a big difference since it not only needs to support your weight, but that of items like power tools, cleaning equipment, and paint cans. Try to come up with the average amount of weight that will be on the scaffolding at any given time. If you're not sure, at least let the rental company know the weight of the person doing the work and what type of work or repairs you are doing. They should be able to help you with the right weight capacity you need.

Ask About Added Accessories

You may also want to have some additional accessories added to the scaffolding when hiring it. For example, you might have needs for a shelving unit on the top of the scaffolding that lets you hold multiple items in one convenient place. This is often needed for more complex repair jobs where it is easier to have them right next to you instead of placing them on the floor of the scaffolding.

Before you choose the scaffolding hire company, make sure they offer delivery and pick-up services without an added fee. This will help you get the scaffolding delivered to your home and placed in the right area in front of the house where you need it.